The early birds watch every sunrise, the others wake up slowly, in a quiet bay of an island a few laps away from the next beach. The warm temperatures allow the most to swim ashore, where we do our morning yoga practice. Back to the boat where a healthy, organic, vegetarian brunch is waiting for us. After brunch, you will set sail to the next destination.

On top of sailing, in the afternoon you will have free time to swim, snorkel, sightsee, stand-up paddle, and often before dinner, there is time for an evening yoga or meditation session. Immersed in the natural beauties of this corner of the Caribbeans, the shades of blue of the sea, the green palms and tropical vegetation and the white sand - ultimate relaxation is guaranteed!

Example schedule

08:00 Wake up and vegan breakfast buffet
08:45 Hatha yoga class
11:15 Organic vegetarian brunch
13:00 Sailing
16:00 Swim, snorkel, sightsee, and stand-up paddle
19:30 Organic vegetarian dinner buffet
21:00 Evening meditation or dance

Where do we slip moorings?

We slip moorings from Fort-De-France, the capital of Martinique island and the best connected Airport for intercontinental flights.

Upcoming dates

15-25 February 2020

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Although we plan our week's itinerary in advance and every day we let you know where we plan to go next, sailing takes place moment by moment, so we have to be flexible as the daily wind and weather conditions are decisive for the final route of the day.

This means that every morning we see if what we planned the evening before is doable.  Therefore the itinerary of each yoga and sailing is flexible, which makes every retreat different and unique.

Getting there

By plane

Book your flights to to Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport of Fort- De France (FDF). We are in the harbor of Fort-de-France preparing the boat for the retreat. Take a taxi from the airport and reach us in 15 minutes ride max!

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